Natural Healing

Linda Jeffrey

Healing is a very natural therapy in which the healer acts as a channel to direct “universal energy” to the patient. This energy is both subtle and powerful, and is contained in all living things. It maybe described as “Light”, the Lye Force or the “Vital Force”. The energy is directed using a hands on or hands off the body technique, during which the patients remains fully clothed and very comfortable.

Western medicine typically seeks to address the physical and mental /emotional health, while completely ignoring the spiritual health of the individual. Healing encompasses all of these areas of health, and beautifully compliments all other treatments.

Healing helps the patients to regain balance and feel more in control of their lives. It is a truly empowering therapy.

Benefits – Patients Report:

  • Deep relaxation as tension is released
  • Feeling of stress and anxiety are reduced
  • Improved sleep
  • A feeling of wellbeing
  • There may also be a lessening of physical symptoms i.e. pain.


Linda is offering FREE half hour taster sessions of Healing on May the 17th and May 26th. Please phone farfield House to make your appointment on 01535 690055.