Anti-inflammatory Measures

1. Contrast Bathing

Always start and finish this procedure with COLD using such as a bag of frozen peas (something that can mould to your shape) wrapped up in a tea towel, a water bottle with ice and water in. (Again wrapped up in a tea towel) The “HEAT” can be a hot water bottle (With hot water from the tap not a kettle) or a Wheat Bag, or if appropriate, depending on where the inflammation is, you can use a shower head, first on cold and then on hot.

Apply the cold for 1 ½ to 2 minutes and then change over to hot and repeat this cycle between five and seven times. ( i.e COLD—HOT—COLD—HOT—COLD—HOT—COLD )

Start and finish with COLD

2. Anti-inflammatory gel

Using some anti-inflammatory gel such as Ibugel, (There are many variants of this) rub this gently into the area once contrast bathing has finished.

3. Arnica cream and rhus tox cream

Use arnica cream and rhus tox cream, a dab on each finger, mix them together and work them into the area.

4. Cold Gels

There are many “Cold” gels on the market that can give temporary relief when out and about. Such as Deep Relief, Deep Freeze, Bio Freeze. These can be found at various chemists and health food stores.


Both the second and third parts to this can be used alternately but not together.